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The Last Broadcast 1999 (rerelease 2006)

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Fact or Fiction was an innocuous cable access show.
Steven Avkast and Locus Wheeler were the hosts who had developed a near cult status among the local youth. In it's waning hour, they put on the "Jersey Devil" episode, a live broadcast featuring a journey to a remote location in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Two fans they met on the Internet, Rein Clackin and Jim Suerd were enlisted to help.
The idea seemed harmless enough.
What happened became known as the Jersey Devil murders.

It took the Police two days to find the body parts.
It took the coroner four days to put them back together.
It took the jury only one and a half hours to sentence Jim Suerd to life in prison.

They had their man. All the evidence pointed toward him. Four people went into the woods, one came out alive, blood of the three on his clothing. The damning videotape shot by the victims sealed his fate.
Why would he commit two, most likely three murders so monstrous as to defy description?
Filmmaker, David Leigh forces the viewer to confront an alternate version of the facts; to ask the question, "Did Jim really do it?"; and finally uncovers a truth; a truth more horrible than ever imagined.

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