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I feel bad about the fact that this movie is impossible to see.
It got finished just as The Last Broadcast was hitting the scene and as a result was not properly completed.
What it needs is for people to kick me in the ass about it. If I get any email about it, I will finish it properly and release it.


The Razorbacks in concert



Production began on this film August 10, 1996


What is rockabilly? Who listens to it? Why is it so god damn cool?
The popular rockabilly band, The Razorbacks talk cool, play cool and look cool.
Here them do some of the rockinest tunes ever and hear them talk about their take on life, liberty and the pursuit of rockabilly.


    See Kenny pretend to play Pinball!!!
    See Mark cover the remaining skin on his arms in Tattoos!!
    See Rob get his hair cut!!

Aprox running time, 90 minutes

    Film Update- The concert of Aug 23, went well except for the constant threat of a thunderstorm. As Kenny yelled "Thank You, Good night", the heavens opened up with a storm that soon flooded the place. Luckily it held out until the concert was over, but breaking down was a bitch. Nobody was very happy about breaking down the 32 feet of dolly track in front of the stage, while the lightning was hitting around us. A great crew of camera men, grips, sound people, made this concert film possible. It represents the bulk of the film. The concert was recorded in digital stereo.

    This film will be available for sale or rental in May, 1997. A concert CD is due out shortly thereafter.

The Razorbacks are

Kenny Duda - vocals and guitar

Rob "Bob" Bundy- Double Bass

Mark Swartley- Drums