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Ahh the days of yore... before digital video cameras allowed any schmo to say, "I shot a feature". Back when it actually meant something. Back in the days when it cost at least 25,000 dollars in film stock alone.

Back when you actually shot film even if you were a poor first time filmmaker!

Before there were Digital Non Linear editing systems in every bedroom.
Before Digital Audio was readily available.
Before Avids.
Back when you had to know how to cut on a flatbed, how to synchronize dailies and how to read and do edge numbers; how to imagine your dissolves and fades. How to work with two tracks of audio and no more. 

A long long time ago, in 1993.

Join me now as you read a bit about the making of my first feature. Some day I will scan some photos and write more... but not today.


The following was written in 1996.