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The Ghosts of Edendale (2004)

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Kevin and Rachel move to Los Angeles to follow their dream -- making it in the movies. They can't believe their luck when they find the perfect house on a hill called Edendale, right next door to Hollywood. Here, all the neighbors are in "the business", and they have high hopes for Kevin and Rachel.

When Kevin becomes a cold, hard stranger obsessed with writing his new screenplay, Rachel discovers that Edendale has a famous Silent Movie past. This hill once belonged to Tom Mix -- King Cowboy of the Silent Movie Era. Killed in a freak car accident, Mix died on his way back to Hollywood to make the "comeback" film of his career. In horror, Rachel realizes that Edendale has drawn them here for its own dark purposes.

As the neighbors gather in anticipation of the completion of Kevinís work, Rachel must convince him to leave this place before the powerful Ghosts of Edendale reach through time to possess his very soul.

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